The true definition of Capixaba's Paradise

The true definition of Capixaba's Paradise

An exclusive paradise, on the beach, surrounded by greenery and tranquility.

An hour and a half from Vitória, Pousada dos Cocais offers a special infrastructure and all the comfort you need to relax.

Beach, haute cuisine with the best Espirito Santo food, and a lot of tranquility. Sophistication combined with the rustic. Bungalows among the trees and birds singing in your window, in addition to the daily visit of native animals such as marmosets, jacumpeba, lizard, among others.

In addition to the pool and beach, you will also find a freshwater river next to Pousada dos Cocais.

Here it is possible to connect with nature and refinement.

We believe that accommodation is not just overnight. But yes, to live experiences.

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